Frightened by the mushroom named angel, causing a series of deaths

Despite its beautiful name, angel wings mushrooms are poisonous and dangerous mushrooms that have caused dozens of deaths.

Angel wings mushrooms.

Angel wings mushroom has the scientific name Pleurocybella porigens . This is a poisonous mushroom and often grows in the Northern Hemisphere.

Angel wing mushrooms caused 17 people out of 60 in Japan to die from eating them in 2004. Previously, angel wing mushrooms were once considered a food called Sugihiratake in Japan. Copy.

Currently, scientists have not been able to identify all the toxins contained in angel wings mushrooms. However, it is likely that angel wings mushrooms contain high levels of cyanide .

Angel wing mushrooms are ivory white and can grow as big as a hand. Few people think that mushrooms that look as normal as other edible mushrooms can contain such terrible toxins.

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