The strange dog only has half its body but is not scary at all

No need to possess glittering beauty, the strange dog named Pig has still won a lot of sympathy from the online community thanks to his strange and adorable appearance recently.

Pig dog plays with his owner.

The body is deformed, only half the length of other dogs.

Due to a birth defect, Pig was born with only half of his body. He was diagnosed with missing ribs and spinal bones; twisted, split spine and deformed hip bones.


It is missing its spine and ribs.

Pig was born in a forest northeast of Atlanta, Georgia, USA last fall. After that, he was adopted by Ms. Kim Dillenbeck at Christmas.

At first, Ms. Kim feared that Pig could pass away at any time due to his weak health and lack of some body parts, but he overcame all challenges to continue to survive.


Pig’s hip bone is deformed and rotated in the wrong direction.

Currently, the half-bodied dog Pig is 8 months old and weighs nearly 7kg. However, in the future, he can still grow bigger and can weigh up to 9kg.

Ms. Kim said, Pig is a very lovely and funny dog. He likes to play and be naughty with his two housemates. In addition, its owner also revealed that Pig’s hobbies are eating snacks and taking naps.


But has a very lovely personality.

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