Social media users are raving about Wesley Sneijder’s daughter’s wonderful encounter with Lionel Messi, calling it “the best day ever.” –

The daughter of former Dutch midfield genius Wesley Sneijder made headlines after her video with Lionel Messi surfaced. The warmth of the video has conquered the world of football.

Earlier on Tuesday, a video showed Sneijder’s daughter, Xess Xava, traveling with her father to meet the Argentine magician. She seemed upbeat and happy throughout the video. Dressed in the PSG kit and with a ball in her hand, she met her idol in the hallway. The entire video is full of positivity that has made fans smile.


Sneijder’s son meets Lionel Messi (Credits: Twitter&

The video beautifully captures her excitement before meeting the footballer. She is seen reading a magazine about the Argentine on her way to meet the captain of Inter Miami. Then we see her more excited than ever because Messi’s assistant is going to pick her up. He met Messi at a hotel in Los Angeles while Inter Miami faced Los Angeles FC.


Then we see an adorable moment where Messi hugs his little fan and signs her the Inter Miami shirt, and a soccer ball, and also gives her two tickets to his next match. After which Xess tells everyone that it’s the “best day ever.”


Wesley Sneijder is undoubtedly one of the best midfielders of the last decade. He also came out and said that he could have reached the levels of Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi if he had been 100% committed, but that he would rather choose a glass of wine with dinner than make so many sacrifices.


Sneijder knows very well that his youngest son, Xess Xavi, is a big Messi fan. Sneijder also commented on Messi’s move to MLS and said that it would be very beneficial for the American league.

After the video of Sneijder’s daughter was shown, the Dutch legend said it was a dream come true for his “little one” since he idolized Messi so much.

The former Real Madrid player currently works as director of his hometown club Utrecht, where his son Jessey Sneijder currently plays. Wesley is the FedEx brand ambassador. Fans can expect to see Sneijder in the stands at Inter Miami watching a game with his daughter very soon.

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