13 animals have superior camouflage ability, almost invisible in the natural environment

Below are animals with master camouflage abilities. Through the process of selection and struggle for survival in nature, these animals can camouflage and blend into their surroundings to the point of being almost invisible.

1. The Baron worm hides on mango leaves. It seems that they have “fused” with the leaf, so many people, no matter how hard they look, still cannot detect it.
2. Is it a mosquito or a warship of Arsgard?
3. Do you see the gray tree toad in this photo?
4. Leaf-tailed geckos have a tail shaped like a leaf, helping them easily “stealth” among dry leaves. In this photo it is difficult to spot the leaf-tailed gecko.
5. Pigmy seahorses have the ability to change their body color to match the surrounding environment to avoid enemies. Do you see a Pigmy seahorse in this photo?
6. The Uroplatus gecko lies flat against a tree trunk like an assassin waiting to finish off its prey.
7. The beetle Tropidoderus Childrenii cleverly camouflages itself in the leaves.
8. A wolf spider hides in the gravel. Can you spot the wolf spider in this photo?
9. Buff-Tip moth disguises itself as a sawed-off log. If you didn’t read this note, would you realize it was a butterfly?
10. There is a red bat hiding in the morning dew. Do you see a leaf that is fatter than the rest?
11. Horned owls possess dark feathers that help them easily “stealth” when perching on a dead, dry tree trunk.
12. Can you spot the snow leopard hiding here in this photo?
13. In this photo there is a pheasant Lagopus lagopus nodding at us. Have you seen it anywhere?

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