3 types of fruit that seem like it but aren’t, proving that sometimes you shouldn’t believe your eyes

These are all strange fruits, dubbed the “weirdest” on the planet.

The world we live in is truly colorful and it is no exaggeration to say that it is very “virtual”.

Because there are things that even though you “see with your own eyes and hear with your own ears”, you still think so but are not. Especially the chain of fruits below. Surely you will have to say that this world is full of surprises and you will understand – sometimes don’t be foolish to believe your eyes.

1. Thought it was salmon eggs but it turned out to be… something else

Try looking at this picture and guess what the green seeds on the food are?
A little closer look!

Have you guessed it yet? Bet you’ll say – salmon eggs, right? But when you try it, you’ll know you’ve been deceived.

Actually, those green seeds are Australian finger lime . This is a strange type of lemon, with fruit shaped like a finger, about 10cm long, 3cm in diameter. Finger lime shrimp can separate like a grapefruit, looking exactly like salmon eggs.

One of the things that makes finger lemon different is the taste. According to many expert opinions, each succulent lemon has a flavor that combines yellow lemons and regular lemons, and is great when eaten with fresh seafood like sushi and sashimi.

Finger lime is a favorite spice for chefs of 5-star hotels and high-end restaurants to prepare dishes, especially seafood, salads…

2. Thought it was rambutan but it turned out to be cucumber

Surely when looking at this fruit, many of you will firmly say – that is rambutan. Because the shape and color are so similar, it’s just that it’s still “green and young”.

Do you think this is rambutan?

However, if you say it is rambutan, you are wrong. The truth… they are cucumbers.

As one of the rare cucumber varieties in South Africa, this hairy cucumber Cucumis Dipsaceu is mainly used for ornamental purposes.

Like other cucumber varieties, hairy cucumbers are also climbing plants. If well cared for, the tree can grow to a length of about 3 meters. Each of these hairy cucumbers is about 3 – 5cm long and about 2.4cm in diameter.

The outside looks like rambutan but the inside is a cucumber.

Not only can they be used for ornamental purposes, hairy cucumbers can also be used as food as a vegetable sandwiched on bread or used to marinate pickled cucumbers. In addition, their juice is used to apply to hair to prevent hair loss.

A little more special, the leaves of this unique cucumber species are known to housewives in South Africa as a popular green vegetable. When eating their leaves, it tastes like eating spinach.

3. Looks like it’s a gac but when you look at it, you realize you’ve been deceived

Can you guess what kind of fruit below is? Surely 99.99% of people looking at it will definitely confirm it is gac.

Looking at it, everyone would guess that this is a gac fruit, right?

However, this is another type of cucumber called Gak Cucumber (or Spring Bitter Cucumber) . This is a cucumber variety commonly grown and sold in Thailand.

This fruit has a bitter-sweet taste and contains high concentrations of betacarotene, which helps nourish eyesight. Gak cucumber also has high nutritional content such as carbohydrates, fiber, protein, calcium phosphorus, iron, vitamins A, B1, B2, C and niacin.

In fact, this is a type of cucumber called Gak Cucumber.

Gak cucumber is considered one of the healthiest fruits, used to treat a number of diseases such as fever, back pain,…

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