Blushing at the “sensitive” shapes of nature

In the Shaoguan region of Guangdong, China, there is a very famous Danxia mountain. This is a famous scenic area. The mountain is made of reddish rock and has eroded over time. Dan Ha is famous because the mountain is shaped exactly like a “precious penis”. On the mountain there are also many sacred temples worshiping gods. In July 2010, Unesco included Dan Ha Mountain as part of world heritage.

Hình thù nhạy cảm của tự nhiên
In Guangdong’s Nghi Thuy cave, there is also a strange stalactite outcrop. According to the erosion of water in the cave, the rock has the exact shape of a man’s “sensitive parts”. This is truly a strange masterpiece from nature.

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A natural rock outcrop in the Son Canh area in Beijing city especially attracts tourists because of its strange shape.

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The Willy chili variety originating from Texas and Louisiana – USA was voted by Organic Gardening magazine as the “most provocative chili variety” because of its unique shape. This type of chili can be up to 45 cm long and has a mild spicy aroma.
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A stone collector in Zhejiang, China, put his gem collection on display. The most notable is the penis-shaped stone with a length of 17cm, a circumference of 23cm and a weight of 1.5kg. This rock has attracted a lot of public attention.
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Two other “strange” shaped stone blocks are also in the above collector’s collection.

In June 2012, a man in Jiangsu went to the river and accidentally picked up a stone with a “sensitive” shape. This stone block is 12cm wide and 16cm long.

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The Cappadocia rocky mountains in Türkiye have a “very special” shape. The reason explained by scientists is that millions of years ago, a volcanic eruption occurred here and erosion from wind and rain created an unusual appearance of this mountain range.

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At the foot of Dan Ha Mountain in Guangdong there is a strange crack. This crack accidentally created a very special shape for the mountain mass that resembles the “sensitive parts” of women.

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