“Exploring the Controversial Realm of Human-Animal Hybrids, Cloning, and Unusual Genetic Manipulations: Are We Headed Towards a Disturbing Future?”

Are we heading towards a dystopian future where “Watcher Technology” is completely unleashed? Could it be a future where “man-made life” and bizarre human-animal hybrids can freely roam, reproduce, and spread across the earth’s surface?


Such concepts might once have been too outlandish for most science fiction novels, but today’s genetic engineering technology has advanced to the point where it’s hard to say what “life” will be like. on Earth in the coming decades. At this point, there are very few remaining restrictions on fields such as nanotechnology, biotechnology, synthetic biology, cloning and genetic modification. Around the world, scientists are feverishly fusing together different types of animals, adding plant genes to certain animals, and even introducing human DNA into plants and animals. . Life as we know it is literally changing and it is difficult to know what the future holds if all of this continues.

The Obama administration even supported this type of activity. Anything “scientifically researched” can “cure” right? Just last week, the White House declared that the field of synthetic biology poses only “limited risks” and should not be restricted.

So what exactly is “synthetic biology”?

Well, it’s basically the manipulation of the DNA of existing life forms to create entirely “new” organisms.

But if these “new creatures” aren’t any known life forms, then what exactly are they? And what kind of “soul” is entering these life forms after their creation?

Those are questions that very few people ask.

The truth is that most people would be extremely shocked to know what is happening in laboratories across the globe.

Even the purest stuff is quite shocking? Did you know that scientists can now literally “grow” new human organs?

While that sounds quite noble, how would you feel if you learned that human cloning was taking place?

Yes, it’s actually happening, and scientists across the globe are pushing for human cloning to be fully legalized in areas where it’s banned.

For example, in October, UNESCO’s International Bioethics Committee published a report suggesting that it is time for all countries to take a new look at human cloning. There is clearly an emerging consensus in the scientific community that the research benefits of human cloning outweigh any “ethical considerations” and that it should be legalized globally .

But perhaps even scarier than human cloning are the strange new life forms that many scientists are now creating. Scientists are actually combining human DNA with animal DNA to create new life forms.

Yes, this is really happening. Did you know that scientists are actually breeding genetically modified pigs that contain human DNA with the goal of providing organs for transplant into humans? Did you know that these pigs are being “raised” in the state of Missouri?

The truth is we live in a world where all the rules are changing. Genetic engineering has become so advanced and widespread that now even college students are transplanting genes and creating new life forms around the world.

Right now, we probably can’t even imagine what kind of bizarre lives some college students are creating in their basements or what some mad scientists are up to in some dark corner. That’s what the world is thinking.

As they say, the genie is out of the bottle and in many areas of the world, the only limit to these scientists is their own imagination.

Unfortunately, everything we hear in the media about the creation of new “life forms” and human-animal hybridization is mostly positive.

Author Tom Horn noted this overwhelming bias in a recent article he wrote to promote his new book on the subject….

Not long ago, a writer for Wired magazine named Elizabeth Svoboda contacted me (Tom) to let me know she was writing an article about “research advances using genetically modified animals to production of pharmaceutical compounds”. She had seen an editorial of mine raising caution about this type of testing and wondered if I would be willing to give a perspective to her article, explaining in detail the areas in which I see the production of transgenic animals as potentially harmful to humans. She said that most of the scientists she planned to cite were “very enthusiastic about the practice” and said she thought it was important to bring some balance. I thanked her for the invitation and submitted a short summary of some, though not all, of the areas where this scientific concern might be raised.

When the article was finally published by Wired, I was surprised that none of my notes were included in the story. I contacted Elizabeth and asked why, and she replied that they were originally included in her article, “Drug-Drop Animals,” but to put a positive spin on them. story, the editors censored my warning notes during the editing process. progress. Elizabeth apologized and said she hoped the experience wouldn’t discourage me from working with the magazine.

We highly recommend you pick up a copy of Horn’s new book. It ‘s titled Forbidden Gates: How Genetics, Robotics, Artificial Intelligence, Synthetic Biology, Nanotechnology, and Human Enhancement . Heralds the Dawn of Technological Spiritual Warfare and is perhaps the most comprehensive work on the dangers of synthetic biology and genetic engineering ever undertaken. is produced.

As Horn points out, all this chaos in life can open some very dangerous doors.

This is exactly what happened before Noah’s flood. Are many of the new “life forms” we are creating today inhabited by evil spirits?

That’s something to think about. As I noted in an article on another site titled ” Canada Set to Approve Enviropigs – Millions of Canadians Will Soon Eat Mouse/Pig Hybrids “, we are repeating the mistakes of the past ….

Did you know that the 3000 year old book of Jasher (an ancient history book cited in the biblical books of Joshua and II Samuel) talks about genetic engineering going on in the days of Noah?

Right. How they did it remains a major mystery, but according to ancient sources, this is clearly what was going on.

Jasher 4:18 tells us this….

“And the children of men in those days took the cattle of the earth, the beasts of the field, and the birds of the air, and taught them how to mix the one with the other, to provoke the Lord to anger.”

According to the book of Jasher, God was not pleased at all when they spoiled the wonderful environment He had created for all of us.

Sadly, the world is once again in trouble with plants and animals. We are once again entering areas that God warned us not to enter.

So what will the end result of all this be? It’s hard to say, but it’s clear things won’t go well.

When we wrote about The End of the World , The Last Days , and The Mysteries of the World , we entered the times that the Bible calls “the last days”. We are rapidly moving towards the second coming of Jesus Christ and things are only going to get more chaotic from here on out.

So, buckle up and get ready because it’s going to be a bumpy ride

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