“Exploring the Enchanting Elegance: A Compilation of the World’s Top 10 Night-Blooming Flowers”

Below is a list of the most beautiful night-blooming flowers on the planet voted by The Mysterious World site. Some flowers familiar to Vietnamese people are also on this list.

1. Star fruit cactus flower

Each year, white star fruit cactus flowers only bloom on one day, from June to July every year. At night, star fruit cactus flowers bloom prominently in the darkness and emit a pleasant scent until the next morning. This beautiful flower is distributed mainly in Mexico and southern Arizona.

2. Four o’clock flowers

In Vietnam, this flower is also known as pollen flower or yen chi. True to its name, this flower only blooms from the evening until the next morning. Peace flowers come in many different vibrant colors including red, pink, blue, white or yellow. This is one of the flowers that emits the most pleasant fragrance in the world.

3. Moon flower

This flower has a full beauty with thin white petals and only blooms at sunset, and closes in the morning. Moonflowers have a gentle fragrance.

4. Hyacinth flowers

This nocturnal flowering plant belongs to the nightshade family, originating from the West Indies. The flowers are greenish yellow and fragrant at night but contain many toxins.

5. Tropical water lily

Unlike cold-resistant water lilies that bloom during the day, tropical water lilies only bloom at dusk and close before dawn.


6. Chocolate chrysanthemum

This flower usually blooms at night and emits a pleasant scent like cocoa, so it is called chocolate chrysanthemum. This unique flower is distributed mainly in grasslands and limestone areas in the US.

7. Dutch Pipe cactus flower

This white, funnel-shaped flower that emits fragrance and only blooms at night only grows in tropical forests, so very few people have the opportunity to admire its beauty.


8. Evening primrose

This beautiful flower only blooms at night and gives off quite a strong scent.


9. Nottingham fly-catching flower

Nottingham flycatchers close during the day, bloom at night and emit a fragrant scent to attract insects. This flower will bloom continuously for 3 nights, the number of stamens each night will change to increase pollination ability.


10. Night orchid – hyacinth flower for giving birth

This flower originates from South America. Hyacinth flowers bloom from summer to fall.


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