Giant catfish invaded Europe, they were so big that they could eat pigeons and dogs

This catfish is also known as giant catfish or European catfish. The scientific name of this European catfish is European catfish , which is one of the largest freshwater fish and catfish in the world.

In the cooling tank of the abandoned nuclear power plant in Chernobyl, a large number of catfish were also found, which are much larger than usual ones. It was once thought that the huge size was formed due to radiation. But later studies suggested that radiation had no effect on them, instead because no one came to catch or bother them. They can grow freely, so they are larger but young in other areas.

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Over time, records of the giant size of this fish also gradually appeared

European giant catfish have excellent reproductive ability , female fish can lay up to 30,000 eggs per kilogram of body weight, during the breeding season – summer, female fish can lay up to 700,000 eggs, and also Unlike other species (when they have finished giving birth, they just flap their tails and swim away), after this species of fish has finished giving birth, the male fish will guard next to the female and try his best to protect the eggs.

If other species, such as freshwater lobsters and carp, come to steal the eggs, they will attack and drive them away. Even humans, they are not afraid, when humans get close they will still attack.


A giant European catfish is stalking pigeons.

They are large carnivorous fish, they can eat everything from corpses, sick fish to aquatic animals such as frogs, snails, insects,… sometimes they even eat snakes, turtles, etc. mouse. etc… even mallards or pigeons they do not spare, even in 2001 a giant catfish in Germany jumped out of a reservoir and swallowed a greyhound, hence the species of leatherback fish This monster is also known as ” Kuno the Killer”.


This fish species has a rapid growth and development rate.

Although experts believe that European giant catfish are harmless to humans, there have been historical records of European giant catfish hurting and even eating people.


They have a lifespan of 20 to 30 years and the longest lifespan is even up to 80 years.

As a mindless fish, the European giant catfish’s gluttony is actually easy to understand. Besides eating and reproducing, their lives have no other meaning, this is also the meaning. the existence of most animals.

With the exception of humans, the lives of most animals can be summed up as an exchange of energy, and in the absence of interference or harmful effects from humans, animals can be free. develop, can even become monsters in their habitat.

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