Pacman frog – strange pet of young people

Pacman is a round, funny, human-friendly frog that is often called “alien frog” by young people.

Pacman frogs are also called horned frogs because they have fleshy spikes above their eyes that look like two horns. Their mouths are wide, their bodies are round, with colors such as: green, blue, yellow, orange, red… with spots and patterns that are both beautiful and funny. Some even have thorns. They only eat live food. Depending on the type of food as well as the brightness, it affects the color of the frog’s skin.


Pacman frog skin is not wet and scary like other frogs. They are very passive, always sitting still and letting humans ‘enjoy’ them.”


The characteristic of this frog is that it is quite passive, so its living space does not need to take up much space, although an adult pacman frog can reach a size that fits in the palm of an adult’s hand and weighs around half a kilogram.

They are quite bad swimmers, so farmers have to use shallow water dishes for them to “wade.” Their food is fish or worms, insects, sometimes also baby mice and must be alive.


Once at risk of extinction in the wild, the pacman frog was revived thanks to the movement to turn this animal into a pet in the US and has now been introduced to the Vietnamese youth community. They are the only frog species currently considered a human-friendly pet./.


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