Snakes emit iridescent colors in the sunlight and are abundant in Vietnam

Let’s find out what kind of strange snake has such a special skin that shines under the sun!

Looking at this picture, surely all of us are more or less attracted to the snake’s iridescent, sparkling skin.

But the question is, what is this snake, are they dangerous? Because with such an eye-catching appearance, they are easy to notice.

According to Reptiles Magazine, the snake in the photo above is a cobra, or snake (scientific name is Xenopeltis unicolor) . They are distributed throughout the mainland and islands of Southeast Asia, with many living in Vietnam.


Tiger snakes are abundant in Vietnam.

The most special feature of this snake is that it possesses iridescent scales , which can glow brightly and iridescent in sunlight. The back of the cobra is usually reddish brown or black, and the belly is gray and white with no decorative patterns.

Despite having such a special skin, the snake lives mainly underground, burrowing under fallen leaves, under logs and in warm soil or taking advantage of burrows created by other creatures.


The most special feature of this snake is that it possesses iridescent scales.

Like other burrowing reptiles, their bodies are quite round, their heads are blunt, and their tails are short. Adult snakes can be up to 1.3m long, with an average length of about 80 – 100cm.

Snakes have a rather special type of teeth. Instead of being fixed in one place, snakes’ teeth often have many small, sharp teeth – attached to the jawbone by flexible muscle fibers, creating a kind of hinge.


Special tooth structure of snakes.

These teeth can fold up and down, but usually in a posterior direction. This will help them swallow hard prey, such as lizards, birds, frogs… more quickly. Or to put it simply, the special teeth will lock the prey in one place, not allowing them a chance to escape, at which point the snake will slowly enjoy it.

Because there is no venom, the snake will have to use muscle contraction skills like a python to tighten and lock its prey before moving its mouth muscles to chew the bait.

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