Strange glowing tree that can replace street lights

Cây phát sáng trong đêm như đèn - Ảnh 3.

The luminescent tree was created by scientists at the MIT Massachusetts Institute of Technology (USA).

Based on the light mechanism of fireflies, American scientists at the MIT Massachusetts Institute of Technology (USA) have found a way to make plants glow with a brightness nearly equivalent to household light bulbs.

This light does not radiate heat like artificial light. Because in the process of glowing, almost all the energy is converted into light energy, not into heat like in other artificial light sources.

Cây phát sáng trong đêm như đèn - Ảnh 2.

The tree glows in the dark

In nature, there are inherently many creatures that have the ability to emit their own light, but their light is quite weak.

The research team applied the method of “stimulating” luciferin compounds and the aquatic bacteria Vibrio fischeri to enhance luminescence and light intensity. Next, they proceed to create genetic elements into nano-biomass that can be inserted into the genes of plants.


Light is emitted naturally without the need for chemicals or accompanying technology

Researchers can also create light in different colors by inserting these genes into Escherichia coli bacteria.


Glowing ability of genetically modified tobacco plants through stages of development

A major obstacle in creating bioluminescence is that the light-emitting process depends on the compound luciferin, which emits light and then converts to oxyluciferin, which cannot glow.


Researchers have found a way to engineer biomass so that it produces enzymes that can recycle oxyluciferin back into luciferin to maintain the glow.


In the night there is a glowing tree, isn’t it great?

This bioluminescent invention is very useful for residents in desolate areas without a national power grid, or for growing it in homes, gardens, and parks to save electricity.


This type of living light source has the advantage of not being damaged or broken like regular light bulbs, and is very easy to replace by growing other plants.


This light source is not strong enough to read books at night, but helps scientists learn more about plants’ reactions to nature.

According to calculations, a luminescent tree with brightness equivalent to a street light only consumes 0.02% of the photosynthetic energy the tree has absorbed to convert into light.


Researchers said they do not intend to use luminescent plants to replace lighting systems in inner city areas, because LED lights – which consume little energy, have a long lifespan and provide high light intensity. Brightness is many times higher than that of fluorescent trees, still a more economically effective solution.

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