“Terrifying Human-Faced ‘Man-Goat’ Creature Strikes Fear in Village Residents”

A BIZARRE mutant goat has amazed internet users with its surprisingly human-like facial features.

Strange mutant goat was born with a human-like head

Footage of the strange animal has gone viral online after the goat was discovered in an unknown region in India.

It seems to possess a human facial structure thanks to its delicate nose and lips.

The goat’s lips seem to curl up, forming a pout on its face.

And its nose is more like a human nose than a goat’s nose.


Man-goat stuns villagers: Mutant monster with human face

The human-like animal scared the whole village

These photos were uploaded to social media by Samiraa Aissa, who shared these strange photos with her Facebook friends.

They were taken from a video showing two people dragging the animal around while trying to determine what it was. The video has had 37,000 views since it was uploaded online.

She wrote: “A strange creature has been discovered in India. The human-like animal has terrified an entire village.”

The goat’s lips appear to curl upward, forming a pout on its face.


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