The plant is gorgeous but has the potential to cause death

Often used in wreaths for important events, mountain laurel contains a poison that is deadly even when exposed to small doses.

Mountain laurel , scientific name is Kalmia latifolia , has beautiful pink and white colors, blooming near the end of spring. This is a typical flower for beautiful flowers representing the American state of Connecticut. They also grow throughout the eastern United States.

Mountain laurel is a lovely flower that represents the American state of Connecticut. (Illustration).

Mountain laurel is 3-9m high, often growing on mountain slopes and in forests. Mountain laurel flowers usually bloom in May and June, have a round shape, grow in clusters of many different colors, from white, light pink, dark pink, red.

Pistils are very attractive to insects and butterflies to suck nectar. Bright colors are often hybrid varieties and later bred, while the natural color of flowers is often bright.

The flowers are beautiful pink and white.

Laurel flowers are not suitable for commercial growing but are used to make wreaths, and the wood of the tree is used to make furniture and household utensils.

Although very gorgeous, mountain laurel flowers contain deadly toxins, Science Daily said. The two main poisons in mountain laurel flowers are andromedotoxin and arbutin .

At high doses, andromedotoxin causes part of the heart to beat faster, and the rest to beat dangerously slow.

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