The romantic and sparkling Korean winter captivates the hearts of tourists


If Korean spring is sparkling cherry blossoms swaying in the wind, autumn is yellow leaves and red leaves dyeing the sky red, then Korea in winter is the romance of white snowflakes. Snow covers the entire space, creating a poetic and romantic fairy tale picture. So what’s special about Korean winter? Let’s explore Korean winter like romantic movies.

Korea is a country in a temperate climate zone with 4 distinct seasons. In particular, winter usually starts from December to February of the following year. During this time the weather outside is quite cold and dry. The average temperature in the Northern region is -8 degrees Celsius, while the Southern region is about 0 degrees Celsius. Especially in the mountainous areas of Korea, the temperature is not only low, the weather is cold, but it also often snows. dense.


Korean winter is very romantic with a landscape covered with white snow. .

Northern Korea is often very cold and tends to get warmer as you move south. According to statistics, the average lowest temperature in the capital Seoul is about -5 degrees and in Busan is about -1 degrees.


Korean winter usually starts from November to February of the following year. The weather during the 4 months of winter is extremely cold and always changes. Especially January is the coldest time of the year in the land of kimchi.

– Korea weather in November: This is the transition period between autumn and winter in Korea. The average temperature ranges from 10 to 15 degrees and can be lower at night. Towards the end of the month, the weather gradually becomes colder.


– Weather in Korea in December: As the first official month of winter, the temperature begins to drop, the average temperature is about -2 degrees. Quite dry and a little sunny during the day.


January is the coldest time in Korea and there is a lot of snow. 

– Korean weather in January: the coldest of the year, the temperature drops below -6 degrees, there is snow, and snow showers often occur.


– February weather in Korea: Winter has entered its final stage, temperatures are getting warmer, welcoming the coming warm spring.


Korean winter is very cold. But it can be said that it is this cold that creates the unique beauty of Korea. The scene of roads, tree branches and roofs covered with white snow in the middle of Korea is full of romance. If you have the opportunity to study or travel to Korea, it will be a wonderful experience that you cannot forget.

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