“The Thawing Permafrost Volcano: Unleashing Danger on a Global Scale”


Drone footage has revealed details of the Batagaika Crater, a 1km-long gash in Russia’s Far East that forms the world’s largest permafrost crater.

In the video, the two explorers climb over uneven terrain at the base of the depression, marked by irregular surfaces and small bumps, which began to form after the surrounding forest was cleared in the years 1960 and the underground permafrost began to melt, causing the ground to sink.

“We locals call it “the cave,” said local resident and crater explorer Erel Struchkov, standing on the rim of the crater. “It developed in the 1970s, The first is a ravine. Then, thawing in the heat of sunny days, it begins to expand.”

Scientists say Russia is warming at least 2.5 times faster than the rest of the world, melting the long-frozen tundra that covers about 65% of the country and releasing gases The greenhouse is stored in thawed soil.


Batagaika Crater is known by locals as the “gateway to the underworld”.

The “Gateway to the Underworld”, as some locals in Russia’s Sakha Republic call it, has a scientific name: a big drop.

Nikita Tananayev, head of research at the Melnikov Permafrost Institute in Yakutsk, said that while it may attract tourists, the widening deterioration is a “danger sign”.

“In the future, with increasing temperatures and higher artificial pressures, we will see more and more of those large slumps forming until all the permafrost disappears,” Tananayev said. “.


Permafrost craters are melting faster than anywhere else on earth.

Thawing permafrost has threatened cities and towns across northern and northeastern Russia, warping roads, splitting homes and disrupting pipelines. Widespread wildfires, which have become more intense in recent seasons, have exacerbated the problem.

Locals in Sakha have noted the rapid growth of the crater.

Scientists are uncertain about the exact rate at which the Batagaika crater is expanding. But Tananayev said the soil beneath the slump, about 100 meters deep in some areas, contains a “huge amount” of organic carbon that will be released into the atmosphere as the permafrost thaws, further fueling planetary warming.

“With increasing air temperatures, we can expect (the crater) to expand at a higher rate,” he said. “This will cause the climate to become increasingly hotter in the coming years.”


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