Things that resemble human parts in the plant world

The lip flower makes us think of girls’ lips, while the shape of a mushroom can make men think of women’s breasts.

Like all plants, the flowers of the Psychotria Elata plant must evolve in a special direction to attract the attention of pollinators such as bees, butterflies, and hummingbirds. The flower’s sepals are what you see in the photo. The Psychotria Elata tree is distributed in forests in tropical countries in the Americas such as Costa Rica and Colombia.


In Costa Rica alone, scientists have counted 117 species of the genus Psychotria . In Central America, they are something people often use to express love.

Many mushrooms are shaped quite like women’s breasts. Most such mushrooms belong to the species Lepiota genus . The center of the mushroom cap gradually changes from white to earthy and then dark brown. The surface of the mushroom cap is almost as smooth as human skin.


A layer of fine, thin brown hairs covers the surface of the Lepiota genus mushroom cap.

Doll’s Eye (Actaea pachypoda) is the name of a herbaceous plant belonging to the Magnolia family. They are distributed mainly in mixed forests in North America. Their fruits appear in summer, with a diameter of about 1 cm. The skin of the fruit is white.
True to the name of the species, the fruit of the doll’s eye tree contains an extremely toxic substance, capable of paralyzing the heart muscle. Therefore, eating the fruit can cause animals to suffer heart attacks and even death.
“Bleeding tooth” is the common name for the fungus Hydnellum pecki . They are distributed in the Americas, Europe and Asia. If you have never seen this mushroom, many people will think they are bloody teeth on the ground. The blood-red substance is the resin that the holes in the mushroom cap secrete at night. The sap only comes out when the roots of the mushroom absorb a lot of water.
Although the “bleeding tooth” mushroom is not poisonous, it is also not something humans can eat. They absorb Cesium-137, a radioactive substance, in the natural environment. Cesium-137 can be harmful to humans if its concentration in mushrooms is large enough.


Usually “bleeding tooth” mushrooms grow near pine trees. Studies on them show that they contain atromentin, a compound with the same anticoagulant properties as herapin in human blood.

Morchella is a fungus shaped like a human brain. For mushroom pickers, Morchella is an extremely valuable species in the world of mushrooms. The price of each kilogram of Morchella mushroom is up to more than 40 USD . However, inexperienced people often cannot distinguish between real Morchella mushrooms and fake Morchella mushrooms, because their shapes are relatively similar.
False Morchella mushrooms are something humans must avoid because they contain a potentially fatal toxin. About 20% of fungal deaths involve false Morchella mushrooms. Symptoms caused by the poison in fake Morchella mushrooms include diarrhea, severe headaches, vomiting, and dizziness. It can also cause kidney damage, forcing the victim to have a kidney transplant to avoid death. If you boil fake Morchella mushrooms in a pot, the steam from the pot can also cause harm to the body.

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