This species of tree, considered a living fossil, is mutating and on the brink of extinction

In the dense forest, the ginkgo tree that once flourished has now become an endangered species. But what exactly is causing this plant to face such a condition?

The latest gene sequencing research has revealed the mystery of this. According to scientists, there is a rare genetic mutation in the ginkgo tree’s genome that has weakened the ginkgo tree’s ability to adapt to dry, cold environments.

Over the past few decades, global climate warming and human overexploitation have led to frequent droughts and colds. This is considered a fatal blow to the ginkgo tree.


In addition to affecting the viability of ginkgo trees, genetic variations in ginkgo trees also have a strong impact on humans because this tree is widely used for medicinal and food purposes.


Ginkgo tree, also known scientifically as Ginkgo biloba, is an ancient tree with a long history, known as a “living fossil” and has lived on Earth for more than 200 million years. However, currently the ginkgo tree has gradually become an endangered species and is cared for and protected by people.



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