Unveiling the Enigma of Earth’s Sole “Immortal” Being

This creature is virtually indestructible, able to survive comfortably in the harshest conditions. Now, people have found the mystery behind them.

This creature is almost indestructible. They can live in all environments, from the bottom of the ocean to the top of Everest.


Even if they are “boiled” in boiling water at 150 degrees, or even frozen at “absolute zero” , they are still alive. Even throwing them out into space – a place that can kill humans within 1 minute – they still feel free to… do “that” and then give birth.

Tardigrade hay còn gọi là bọ gấu nước.

Tardigrade, also known as water bear beetle.

It’s a tardigrade , also known as a water bear beetle. They are the only creatures on Earth that approach the term “immortality”. And now, experts have found the secret behind this animal’s remarkable survival ability.

Dr. Thomas Boothby from the University of North Carolina – head of the research said : “The biggest discovery of this research is that tardigrades have developed special genes, allowing them to survive in dry conditions.” best”.

The proteins encoded by the genes of this animal are unique. It was named TDP , after the name of the less than 1mm long creature.

Previously, the fearsome survival ability of tardigrades was thought to be thanks to trehelose – a type of sugar commonly found in the bodies of shrimp.

Khả năng sinh tồn đáng sợ của gấu nước được cho là nhờ vào trehelose.

The amazing survival ability of tardigrades is thought to be thanks to trehelose.

Accordingly, this type of sugar allows tardigrades to survive even in an environment without water for up to a decade. But no, it’s all thanks to a unique gene that belongs to tardigrades.

What does this finding mean? According to Dr. Boothby, experiments show that TDP has similar effects for other biological materials: cells, bacteria… Therefore, science can use this protein to protect soil from drought. Drought, preserving medicine without refrigeration.


The research was published in the journal Molecular Cell.

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