“Unveiling the Mystery: The Existence of the Kraken Monster”

In the masterpiece War of the Gods, there is a scene where Zeus screams loudly: “Release the Kraken!”. Does the Kraken monster exist?

In the movie, the Kraken is a giant multi-tentacled monster that roars terribly and can destroy the whole city in the blink of an eye. It’s like the nuclear weapon that Zeus wanted to use to teach unruly people a lifelong lesson. Although the filmmakers used rich imagination and unique artistic techniques to depict the Kraken, they did not have to start from scratch.

According to Scandinavian mythology, the Kraken is so big that its body looks like several small islands. The sailors didn’t pay attention and rowed towards the “island” and the “island” opened its mouth full of sharp teeth and swallowed it whole.


The Kraken monster is described as a ferocious creature that often attacks ships at sea.

Most research scholars believe that the Kraken monster is based on one or a fusion of squid or octopus species. The most popular is the belief that the appearance of the fierce beast is closest to a giant squid.


The Kraken is a legendary version of the real giant squid. (Photo: 3dtotal)

Historians and scientists believe that the legend of the Kraken is related to the giant squid, which can grow up to 18 meters in length, and is rarely seen by humans because it lives in extremely deep places. ocean bed.

Kraken có một lớp da khá dày cộng với những quả cầu tròn nằm dọc trên những xúc tu của nó.

The Kraken has a fairly thick skin plus round balls located along its tentacles.

In legend, it is also described that every time the Kraken appears, it causes the entire sea to stir.

Thủy quái Kraken.

The sea monster Kraken.

During the process of researching giant ichthyosaur fossils, McMenamin found evidence of a Kraken up to 30 meters long. Gradually, many experts believe that the possibility that the Kraken monster is related to giant squid cannot be ruled out.

Nhiều khả năng có tồn tại loài mực khổng lồ.

It is likely that giant squid exists.


Images of traces believed to be tentacles were found by researchers.

Although it is still impossible to confirm whether the Kraken is just a myth or a real creature, the giant squid is probably still the most elusive large animal in the world, which has greatly contributed to its discovery. its mystery.

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